Bodybuilding on Budget; Budgeting Your Time, Money, and Energy to Build a Better You

So you don’t have the time or money to gain physical fitness? Seeing the muscles and tones bodies as you pass by the magazines at the grocery store has finally prompted you to get more info? Bodybuilding on Budget written by Thomas Rutherford, is your clear guide to figure out how you can squeeze the most out of your time, money, and energy. This text has been written for all adult ages, activity levels, and ultimate health goals—whether your thoughts are to step on stage during a competition or just be the best YOU that YOU can be! Rutherford’s 27 personal bodybuilding shows, three overall championships, three trips to Nationals, as well as the hundreds of contest prep clients trained has given him the knowledge, experience, and ability to explain the best path for you within the pages of his book. Cooking ideas, supplements, getting your “team” on your side…this book covers all the steps necessary to complete in a physique show on every level. Get your order of Bodybuilding on Budget; Budgeting your Time, Money, and Energy to Build a Better You in today to make a change for your tomorrow!