Christian Espinosa proposes a more humane method of addressing cybersecurity

Recent technical developments like 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the “Internet of Things” have allowed for faster and more efficient communication between people than ever before. Despite this, changes could occur in many settings then just how you talk to one another. In only a few short decades, technology has transformed every aspect of human life, from the way you do business to the way you travel to the way you communicate with one another. Technology has definitely made your life easier with Secure Methodology Course, but there is no denying that there is a cost to your new, modern way of life. Cybercrime is more likely to affect people and businesses now than at any time in recent history.

The ever growing threat that is cybercrime

There are a plethora of approaches that cybersecurity experts and thought leaders have offered for stopping cybercrime. Cybersecurity options proposed here range from decentralised systems to AIs that learn to adapt to new dangers. However, it would appear that thieves have learned to anticipate and circumvent these improvements in cybersecurity technology and monotasking. The innocent have always paid the price in this endless race to the bottom. They put themselves at risk of having their information taken, having their identities stolen, and even having their money stolen. If you want to have a more in-depth understanding of the gravity of the situation, you need to look at the facts.

The hidden key to defeating cybercrime

As well as establishing Alpine Security, Christian Espinosa is also a Managing Director of Cerberus Sentinel. Christian, a veteran in the cybersecurity industry, made the startling discovery that a pattern was emerging thanks to his years of experience. This trend was not the result of data or analytics but rather a result of widespread indifference.

In his most recent book, “The Smartest Person in the Room,” Christian Espinosa, the cybersecurity leader argues that the problems plaguing modern cybersecurity can’t be solved with technology and must instead be addressed on a human level. He believes that cybersecurity firms will be more successful in the battle against cybercrime if emotional intelligence training is been done for their employees to be more empathetic. 

Christian Espinosa’s book offers managers and executives a systematic approach in “Secure Methodology” 

According to Christian, “Awareness” in the context of the Secure Methodology is being cognizant of one’s own self as well as one’s immediate environment. Christian Espinosa, the cybersecurity keynote speaker writes in his book that leaders in the field of cybersecurity must have a healthy dose of humility and an awareness of the impact their own behaviour has on others around them. Then he stresses the need of leaders building open lines of communication with their teams rather than assuming their employees’ feelings. In the view of The Smartest Person in the Room author, this is the initial stage in developing team members’ capacity for empathy.

Christian Espinosa’s work explores the differences between two worldviews. He seems to be saying that there are two main ways of thinking: the “developing” one and the “fixed” one. Espinosa, the cybersecurity entrepreneur argues that those who are “fixed” in their outlook are unable to change their ways and are convinced that they are the only ones with the right answers. However, those with a “growth mindset” are flexible in their thinking, can see things from several perspectives, and are always eager to improve themselves via education and experience.