How To Effectively Get A Scholarship – Universal Standards

Getting a Scholarship for Study abroad in Bachelor Degree [ทุน เรียน ปริญญา ตรี ต่าง ประเทศ, which is the term in Thai] is almost everybody’s dream. But out of the thousand applicants for a scholarship, your application may easily get lost. So what should you do to land a scholarship to fund your studies? Read on to know some tips on how to effectively get universal standard scholarships.

Start Early

A lot of the students will wait for those last few months before applying for a scholarship. Do not be one of those people. Look up the starting dates of the scholarships you are thinking of applying to and try to get your application in as close to those dates as possible.


LoR stands for Letter of Recommendation. This is a statement from them recommending you for the scholarship. They will highlight your positive skills to help you make an impression. You can ask for a letter of recommendation from your teachers, employers, coaches, and other qualified adults.


It is nearly impossible for you to search for all relevant scholarships available for you manually. But thanks to scholarship matching tools on the internet, you can find the scholarships that you are eligible to apply to with the help of their search filters.

Apply, Apply, Apply

If you think applying to one scholarship locks your chances of getting those finds, you are setting yourself up for failure. And since not all scholarships cover full-tuition fees. So apply to every big and small scholarship that you are eligible for to cover your tuition.


Do not jump head-first into the task of applying for scholarships without guidance from a professional. This counsellor could be your school’s career advisor as well. They will help you in your scholarship process. They may also help you in drafting a perfect scholarship application.

The Essay

This is undoubtedly the most important part of your application so make sure you spend time perfecting your scholarship essay.

Online Presence

As a student, most of your social media accounts will be private. But having public accounts on social media, especially LinkedIn could be a deciding factor in your favour if the scholarship reviewer is impressed by your achievements.


Those were some of the most important tips for you to get a Scholarship for Study abroad in Bachelor Degree. Remember to apply early to various scholarships.