Intriguing Facts About The Letter V

For we who are hoping to work on our jargon for dominating a Scrabble match or two, learning new words can turn into an exhausting and, surprisingly, baffling movement. Notwithstanding the conspicuous advantage of turning into a serious player to be dealt with, committing words to memory can in any case be a challenging errand for a few of us. With regards to learning words that beginning with V, finding a few fascinating realities about the letter can vivify us at whatever point we want to stop.

In the English language, the letter V is the 22nd letter of the letter set. It started from the Semitic word “waw.” It was first utilized in the Latin language to address the/u/and/w/sound. It was exclusively during the late Middle Ages when the way to express the letter gradually began to change to “vee.” The letter V, beside being a consonant, likewise fills in as a Roman numeral (V = 5), one of only a handful of exceptional letters that do as such. One more intriguing reality about it is that it has been utilized as a title of two motion pictures: V for Vendetta and V (alluding to the fifth Roman numeral).

In the round of Scrabble, the letter V can possibly assist with framing high scoring words since it is worth 4 focuses. It is additionally one of the less happening letters in the game with just 2 V tiles. Dreary realities, certainly. However, with regards to words that beginning with V, things start to look intriguing. A portion of the 3-letter V words incorporate DEV, GUV, and TAV. These three mean a Hindu divinity, the British shoptalk for lead representative, and the 23rd letter of the Hebrew letters in order, separately. While some might feel that these are not exactly English words, they have been considered satisfactory in light of the fact that an enormous piece of the English-talking local area knows about what they mean. One of the words beginning with V that makes certain to cause a commotion is VROW (likewise spelled VROUW) and that implies a Dutch lady. Other non-English V words are GANEV (Yiddish) and SCHAV (likewise Yiddish). The previous means a cheat and the last option is a kind of chilled soup.

Something that will top your advantage in the letter is that none of the words that beginning with V are viewed as a feature of the 100 most generally involved words in the English language. As a matter of fact, just 10 words beginning with V came to the main 1000 most generally utilized words. These are VERY, VERB, VOWEL, VOICE, VARY, VISIT, VILLAGE, VALUE, VIEW, and VALLEY. Words that have a V in them, then again, are extensively more prevalently utilized. In similar top 1000 rundown, this gathering of words showed up in excess of multiple times. It makes one can’t help thinking about why VICTORY didn’t make the rundown.

With such intriguing realities to keep you involved, you will not wander off kilter realizing those very significant words that beginning with V.