Why Book Your Apartments In Advance?

Everybody desires to buy a piece of real estate or a house. However, if you purchase a home for the first time, you may be confused and have many questions. Therefore, before you reserve your unit for a recent or forthcoming project like Blue Sukhumvit (บลู สุขุมวิท 105, which is the term in Thai), be sure to take care of the following:

Developer’s Standing

The builder’s reputation significantly influences the quality and longevity of a structure. Therefore, make sure you purchase real estate from licensed and reputable builders. By doing this, future issues or hazards are reduced.

Highly Developed Area

The words “a super built-up area,” “a built-up area,” and “carpet area” are crucial ones that developers utilize. Unfortunately, the customer frequently misunderstands these phrases. Understand the language used by developers when purchasing a home.

  • The carpet area of your house or property is the space enclosed by four walls.
  • Built-up area refers to the space surrounded by your building’s walls and carpet.
  • Super built-up area refers to the overall space, which includes carpet, built-up, and proportionately sized common areas.

Date Of Possession

Purchase a property like Blue Sukhumvit that is ready for occupancy. Keep in mind that the cost of the property increases with the date of ownership. In comparison to properties whose date of possession is one or more years away, you can purchase property for less money. If there is a delay, you can request a registration agreement and have it examined by professionals or attorneys.

Authorizations And Certificates

To confirm that the plan approved by the authorities is constructing the building, the buyer might get legal papers and copies of certifications. Then, ensure the appropriate authorities issue a NOC certificate for your property.

Consult professionals and local real estate agents before making a home purchase. Only purchase the home when you believe it is the best fit for you. Visit as many properties as you can, then pick the greatest one.


Make sure you have all the property’s documentation and that it is free of debt. If you are investing in your second property, keep in mind that you must pay wealth and income tax on any property that isn’t a primary residence. It is advised to consider the property’s neighbourhood and location if you are purchasing it for rental purposes. You may purchase the home or property of your dreams by taking some easy steps discussed above.