Reshape Your Facial Features With Horn Chestnut Lip Surgery

Everybody says that you can win the world if you have talent. And you need not have a beautiful face to attract people. But somewhere, you must have a beautiful smile to win the world. Sometimes due to genital problems, you may not have a perfect lip shape. With horn chestnut-shaped lip (ปากกระจับ, which is the term in Thai) surgery, you can achieve a beautiful lip shape. The doctor will help you to get the form of a lip that will suit your personality type.

What Is A Horn Chestnut Shape Lip?

It is a surgery that helps patients to get the perfect shape for their lips. You will get the lips that will help you to achieve your face in an ideal ratio. This lip surgery is perfect for people unhappy with their face shape.

Why This Surgery?

There are various reasons that your lip shape is not perfect. And a horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery can help you to reshape a face with the following problems:

Puffy Shape

Your face may look puffy, swollen or have a thick lining on your lips because of a congenital issue. It may make your face look hanging. And when you apply a bright color lipstick on it, the lips may look even bigger or thicker.

Straight Face Shape

Sometimes your lips shape makes your face look straight with no curves. It makes your shape boring even if you smile.

Unequal On Both Sides

If your lips are not equal on both sides, your face will look asymmetrical. as a result, you will not have any confidence while meeting people.

More Lip Lining Than Usual

More lip linings mean having extra flesh on the lip lining. It may make your lips pop out while smiling.

All these are natural congenital problems, and you cannot do anything about them at home. For this reason, it is essential to consult a professional and have a perfect lip shape with a chestnut-shaped surgery.

Is It Painful?

It is an open surgery you will have to take rest for some days. The doctors will perform the procedures under anaesthesia. Hence, you will not experience any pain during the process. Ensure that you consult an experienced doctor for the surgery. Otherwise, you may see the side effects like scars after the surgery.

Also, make sure that you see the doctor immediately if you experience any swelling for a longer time.